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Does your little one start to bee-bop when the radio comes on? Channel that love of music into their first dance class. Share the love of dance and music with your favorite toddler!


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Dance: A movement filled half-hour that will introduce all the ways the body can move and relate to music. The class will cover all the basic dance steps: walking on tip-toe, marching, galloping sideways and forward, hopping on one foot and skipping. Basic floor patterns are covered: moving in a circle, diagonal, and free floor patterns. Basic dance concepts are introduced: dancing at various heights and speeds, making letter shapes with our bodies and learning to listen to musical cues. All the exercises are danced to kid friendly music with an emphasis on creativity and socialization. Perfect for toddlers looking for a group experience.

Music: Children who grow up in an enriched music environment are better able to understand and enjoy music for the rest of their lives. The most effective way to learn music is by being immersed in the sounds of music, including a broad variety of musical scales, rhythms, and styles, and starting at a very young age. Our music class, Music Pup’s, provides just that opportunity. We know that it is essential for grownups to enjoy the songs as well, so we make sure our music isn’t simplistic or babyish. Our classes, music, and activities provide a fun way for parents and children to enjoy our songs together.


Class Attire: Girls - any color leotard, pink tights, pink ballet slippers, any color skirt. Boys – white t-shirt, black or navy cotton shorts or sweat pants, black or white ballet slippers. Available at The Dance & Music Design School Boutique.

Thursdays from 12-1pm, 4 classes during July, 6-27. Price: $59
Please deduct $12 if you need a vacation credit

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