Summer Music Camp

Does your young Mozart make their own music everywhere you go? Does your teen love to sing and want to be a part of select chorus or the school play? Channel that love of music into private music lesson this summer.

Summer lessons in piano, guitar and voice are a great way to keep you child busy. Our summer lessons allow for vacation flexibiliry while giving a hear start on fall music lessons. Families can pick days and times, allowing summer music lessons to fit into your busy schedule.

How Young Is Too Young - Starting At The Right Age
When adults begin instrument lessons there are no concerns about focus or determination, but for children, starting at the right age is key to their successful learning. “The Sooner The Better” theory often backfires and can have a negative effect on the child. Children may become overwhelmed, frustrated and stop wanting to come for lessons. Starting at the right age will help ensure enjoyment, focus and a positive experience. The following are guidelines that will help you determine the optimal age for your child to start taking music lessons.
Piano/Keyboard - We recommend beginning private lessons no earlier than age 5. Each child has a different focus and retention of material at this age, so speak with one of our teachers to help determine if your child is ready. Before the age of 5, we offer a fall Music Adventures class which will teach the basics of piano in a fun group environment. Whenever your child decides to begin lessons, he/she will find the piano a fun and rewarding instrument.
Guitar (Acoustic or Electric) - 8 years old is a good age to start guitar lessons, however it is never too late to begin this instrument. Playing the guitar takes strength in the fingertips in order to press the guitar strings hard enough to produce correct sound. Before the age of 8 children have small hands and may find playing the guitar uncomfortable or frustrating. We offer ukulele lessons for children younger then age 8.
Voice - 11 is the age voice experts suggest to begin private vocal coaching. Due to the physical nature of voice lessons (proper breathing techniques, development of the vocal chords and lung capacity), young children are not ready for the rigors of private vocal training. Before the age of 11, we offer a fall group Song & Dance class that teaches children how to use their voices properly in a fun, relaxed environment.



30 Minute Lessons                   
   6 weeks        $198
                    8 weeks        $264
                    10 weeks      $330

45 Minute Lessons                  
    6 weeks        $294
                    8 weeks        $392
                    10 weeks      $490
60 Minute Lessons                   

                    6 weeks        $396
                    8 weeks        $528
                    10 weeks      $660

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